This page lists the primetime specials of Handy Manny.

Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure

Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure is the first primetime special. The airdates of the episode in several countries are listed below:

Country Channel Broadcast Title
Date Time
United States Playhouse Disney October 4, 2009 8pm-8.45pm Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure
United Kingdom Playhouse Disney November 7, 2009 9.25am-10.15am
Canada Playhouse Disney October 9, 2009
Australia Playhouse Disney 2009/2010
New Zealand
Malaysia Playhouse Disney 2009/2010
Portugal Playhouse Disney 2009/2010 Manny Mãozinhas' Ande de motociclo Aventura
Spain Playhouse Disney 2009/2010 Manny Manitas' Aventura de motocicleta
Germany Playhouse Disney 2009/2010 Meister Manny's Motorradabenteuer
France Playhouse Disney 2009/2010 Manny et ses outils' Aventure de motocyclette
Italy Playhouse Disney 2009/2010 Manny Tuttofare's Avventura di motocicletta
Greece ET1 2009/2010 O Μαστοράκος'S Μοτοσυκλέτα περιπέτεια
Sweden Playhouse Disney 2009/2010 Händige Manny's Motorcykel äventyr
Latin America Playhouse Disney January 6, 2010 2pm-3pm Manny prático Aventura de Motocicleta
Bulgaria Playhouse Disney 2009 9.40am-10.10am

Майстор Мани

Big Race

Big Race is the second primetime special of Handy Manny.

Plot: Manny and his tools will hit the motor speedway as a pit crew for the Wood Valley 500 Race. Manny and the tools have to help Elliot fix up his used race car in order to enter the race, and luckily the car turns out better than expected, but not Elliot. Elliot is too nervous to drive. Chase Davis, must step in to help out and Manny gets behind the wheel to try to win the race for the entire team.

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