After Felipe and Turner argue on who can repair an electric fan, Mr. Noodlander arrives to ask Manny to repair a broken trophy until Felipe and Turner get glued together, until Manny thinks that both have to step aside until he manages to repair the trophy, not knowing that the trophy belongs to him.


  • Mr. Noodlander Voiced by Kurtwood Smith also known as Red Forman from That's 70s show.


Felipe and Turner argue

Both: "I hate you!"

The Glue

Kelly with the Glue

Kelly with the Thumbs Up

Kelly with the Thumbs Up

The Tools and the Trophy

The Repaired Trophy and the Tools

Mr. Noodlander with the Trophy

Mr. Noodlander and the Trophy

Manny and the Trophy

Manny wins the Good Citizenship of the Year Trophy

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