Automotive Team
Automotive team

Age Group





Hank (former owner), Gary (current owner)


Males and Female

The Automotive Team worked with Hank until he retired. Hank couldn't pack away his tools or anything so instead he brought them to Gary's Garage under the ownership and care of Gary. Zip has a habit of talking fast, Sneeze sneezes all the time, and Lily and Lefty are raising their son, Junior as a family. Ticks and Totts are ferturnal twin brothers. Lily is the only female tool on the automotive team.


  • Sneeze- Sneeze is a vacuum cleaner and by name sneezes pretty often. He sneezes dirt and dust. He's allergic to saw dust and dreams of being an actor.
  • RolandRoland is a toolbox and drawers. He mainly stores tools in his drawers but sometimes stores other things. He has short-term memory and is forgetful. He is sometimes seen carrying the automotive team.
  • ZipZip is a socket drill and is very fast. He talks fast and sometimes shouts. He loves to work.
  • LilyLily is a crescent wrench and a mother. She is very caring and friendly is always thinking about peoples' intrests. She is overprotective to her son, Junior and cares about his safety. She is sometimes emotional. She loves to have fun. Lily seems to be the only female member of the team.
  • LeftyLefty is a crescent wrench and a father. He is friendly and supportive of his son. He seems to be very proud of him and makes sure he does his best.
  • JuniorJunior is a very young crescent wrench and is the son of Lily and Lefty. Going by his parents' rights and relies on his parents and is almost never seen without them. He can be shy when meeting new tools.
  • TicksTicks is a socket wrench and the brother of Totts. He speaks Spanish and English and loves hanging out with his brother. 
  • Totts- Totts is a socket wrench and the brother of Ticks. He speaks Spanish and English and loves hanging out with his brother. 
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