Chief Eduardo
Chief Eduardo 2

Full Name:

Chief Eduardo







Languages Spoken:




Proficient Firefighter

Knowledge of safety measurements

Loves to cook chili

Voiced by

Carlos Alazraqui

Chief Eduardo is a minor character who appears in the TV series Handy Manny. He is one of the many citizens whom Manny and his tools helps out in Sheetrock Hills.


Being a firefighter, Chief Eduardo always helps everybody in town and would come and solve big problems that people are having, such as saving people from tall buildings or putting out a fire. When there is an emergency, Chief Eduardo and his fellow firefighters will quickly rush to the rescue.

Besides doing his job as firefighter, Chief Eduardo love to cook food, especially chili. On the episode Firehouse Tools, Chief Eduardo was seen in this episode cooking some chili for lunch, however due to forgetting to check on his cooking, the chili got burnt. On the episode Kelly's Chili, Chief Eduardo was the judge for the best chili contest.


Chief Eduardo has tanned skin, brown hair, brown eyes and he has a moustache. Chief Eduardo is usually seen in his light-blue firefighter uniform and his navy blue pants. Chief Eduardo has a good physical body build due to the activities he does as a firefighter. When there is an emergency such as a fire, Chief Eduardo would wear his protective clothing and firefighter helmet.


  • Chief Eduardo is the only person presented in the TV series as being a permanent firefighter. Everyone else are volunteer firefighters.
  • Chief Eduardo is the only firefighter in the series to wear a firefighter costume. All firefighters were wearing their normal clothing, however when there is an emergency, all firefighters would wear their protective firefighting uniforms and firefighter helmets.
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