Concrete Falls is a city located miles away from the town of Sheetrock Hills. Some of the previous Sheetrock Hills residents have moved here to work. Manny and his tools sometimes visited Concrete Falls to help out his friends who live in Concrete Falls.

Featured Businesses

Concrete Falls does not mention all of the businesses in the city due to Concrete Falls not being the main setting of Handy Manny. Here is a list of featured businesses that were mentioned:

City Hall: The town hall of Concrete Falls. Mayor Johnson works there.

Dandy Dan's Construction Company: A construction company which specializes in building buildings and infrastructure. It is owned by Manny's old friend, Dandy Dan. Dandy Dan once offered Manny to help him out on a construction project in Handy Manny's Big Construction Job.

Rubén's Garage: A car repairshop which specializes in repairing and servicing cars. Owned by Manny's older brother Reuben. The garage was originally going to be demolished, however with the teamwork of Manny, his tools, Gary, Kelly, the Automotive Team, and Manny's older brother, they saved the garage.

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