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Felipe is a Phillips head screwdriver who always considers himself a very important tool. Sometimes, his ideas make a problem worse. He provides a lot of the Spanish language content in the show, translating for the other tools. He also loves to sing.


Felipe is the opposite of Turner. While he means well, he can be a showoff sometimes and has a habit of bragging a lot, much to the other tools' and especially Turner's annoyance. Felipe believes he's powerful. He also loves to sing, but isn't that great at it; in the episode "Ice Cream Team", his singing scared off Senor Sanchez and his grand daughter Julietta while he and Turner were trying to sell ice cream. Turner then remarked that if he kept singing they would have to start giving away the ice cream, much to San Felipe's annoyance. Nevertheless, this doesn't stop him from trying. He also has a habit of getting under Turner's skin-sometimes purposefully-and loves to be in the center of attention. Felipe also entered the talent show in Talent Show when he sang a song for his act. San Felipe also seems to be a big fan of Supremoguy. He even thought he was him once. Felipe's favorite beverage is Aqua Fresca.

He is a good friend of Flicker because of the fact that both can communicate with each other. Felipe hates Turner, because they are two different screwdrivers, but in some episodes he bonds with Turner, and on occasions where they're forced to work together, they do their jobs well. San Felipe speaks Spanish very fluently. However, ironically Felipe has to clear his throat before he spoke to Flicker as if he were to forget his Spanish in the episode Flicker


Felipe is a Phillips-head screwdriver. He tightens and loosens screws with cross-shaped crews.

F;licker and other

Best Friend

Felipe's best friend is Flicker, because they can both understand each other. There are also times where he is shown to have a good relationship with Turner. San Felipe was show to work with Turner and call him "pal" in the episode Bunk Bed.


Felipe has a yellow handle with a silver spike, and a green stripe across his handle. His name, San Felipe, means Philip in Spanish, referring to the type of screwdriver he is.



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