Handy Manny


Animation, Preschool edutainment

Created by

Roger Bollen
Marilyn Sadler
Rick Gitelson

Directed by

Ted Bastien

Voices of

Wilmer Valderrama
Tom Kenny
Dee Bradley Baker
Fred Stoller
Nika Futterman
Kath Soucie
Carlos Alazraqui
Grey DeLisle (season 2+)
Composer: Fernando Rivas

Country of origin

United States



Original Channel

Playhouse Disney (later Disney Junior)

Original Run

September 16, 2006 – February 14, 2013

Number of seasons


Number of episodes

75 (List of episodes)

Handy Manny is a Playhouse Disney TV Series that first premiered on 18 Sept 2006.


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Season 1

Season 1

pilot| Stretch's Cookies; Page Turner | A Sticky Fix; Paint Job | Tool in a China Shop; Welcome to Sheet Rock Hills | Pet Problem; Felipe's New Job | Rusty's Little Light Lie; Squeeze in a Pinch | Rusty to the Rescue; Piñata Party | Pat the Screwdriver; Big Sister | Tight Squeeze; Julieta's Monster | Supremoguy; Tool Talk | Amigo Grande; Tool for Sale | The New Kid; Shoe Biz | Time Out; Shine Bright | Not so Fast Food; Merry-go-Round | Wonder Tool; Tool Games | A Very Handy Holiday | Uncle Manny; Kitty Sitting | Detective Dusty; Radio Rusty | Join the Club; Manny's Sick Day | Felipe Strikes Out; Pat's Big Idea | Cinco de Mayo; Best Repairman | Mr. Lopart's Mother; Gopher Help | A Very Handy Vacation | Abuelito's Garden; Firehouse Tools | Musica; Ice Cream Team | Halloween; Squeeze's Magic Show

Season 2

Season 3


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