Handy Manny's School For Tools is the spin-off series to Handy Manny.

Premiere dates

USA: 25 January 2010

UK: 4 May 2010

Episode Guide

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
1 "Measure Me" 25 January 2010 101?

Manny explains why a tape measure is needed.

Tools used: Stretch

2 "Squaring Off" 25 January 2010 102?

Manny shows the tools how to organize their area.

Tools used: Beamer

3 "A Place for Everything" 25 January 2010 103?

Manny helps store Pinzas.

Tools used: Roland

4 "Bolt Of Us" 25 January 2010 104?

Manny uses socket wrenches to fix Marcello's bike.

Tools used: Ticks and Totts

5 "Sneeze Cleans Up" 26 January 2010 105?

Manny uses a vaccum to clean up sawdust.

Tools used: Sneeze

6 "Let There Be Light" 26 January 2010 106?

Manny explains why a flashlight is so important.

Tools used: Flicker

7 "Hammer Time" 28 January 2010 107?

Manny explains some uses for a Hammer.

Tools used: Pat

8 "Flipping Their Lids" 29 January 2010 108?

Manny explains on how to use a Phillips Screwdriver and a Flathead Screwdriver.

Tools used: Felipe and Turner

9 "The Right Wrench" 20 March 2010 109?

Manny uses crescent wrenches to complete Susana's dollhouse.

Tools used: Lily, Lefty, and Junior


  • A Small Job was the first short to have another character appear physically, Abuelito. Who was talking to Manny on the phone while Pinzas was fixing it. While other characters were mentioned but didn't appear.
  • Later Manny's School for Tools shorts ended with Felipe drinking a glass of agua fresca.