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'''[[User:DeeMoShow|DeeMoShow]] - Administrator and Anti-Spam'''
'''[[User:DeeMoShow|DeeMoShow]] - Administrator and Anti-Spam'''
==Chat Moderator==
==Chat Moderator==
'''[[User:Hilbert.Herringgull|Hilbert.Herringgull]] - ''''''Administrator, Bureaucrat and ''''''Chat Moderator'''
'''[[User:Hilbert.Herringgull|Hilbert.Herringgull]] - ''' '''Administrator, Bureaucrat and''' '''Chat Moderator'''

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Administrators, Bureaucrats and RollbacksEdit

Grabbergirl - Administrator and Bureaucrat

Gman581996 - Administrator and Bureaucrat and Rollback

Gamekirby - Bureaucrat

Anti-Spam & Wiki PromotionsEdit

DeeMoShow - Administrator and Anti-Spam

Chat ModeratorEdit

Hilbert.Herringgull - Administrator, Bureaucrat and Chat Moderator

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