The Handy Manny Wiki has a chat room which allows wikia users to socialize amongst each other. All wikia users are allowed to use the chat room of this wiki, however there are rules that needs to be followed while using chat.

Rules & Policies

The Handy Manny Wiki is a child-friendly wiki site and certain expectations must be followed:

  • Do not swear and use inappropriate language. There is no doubt that small children may be visiting this wiki.
  • Post links with explicit content. The Wiki strongly does not tolerate any links of explicit content.
  • Do not ask for personal information (address, password, etc.) from another user after the user has told you not to ask. Users have the right to decide whether they wish to post their personal information or not.
  • Users must respect other users. Harassment towards other users is not tolerated.
  • Spam is not allowed. This includes spamming the chat with emoticons or by typing the same thing over and over again intentionally.

Consequences For Breaking Policies

In an event of which a policy is broken in the chat room, the following consequences would occur:

  • If the user has broken any of the rules above the first time, a warning is given to the user.
  • If the user has broken a rule above the second time, a second warning is given.
  • If the user resists to follow the second warning and has broken a rule above the third time, the user will be banned by a chat mod or an admin for at least 3 days depending on the severity of offence.
  • If the user has broken a rule above the fourth time, the duration of the ban will increase base on the severity of the offence. Depending on the severity of the offence, the chat mod may consult an admin about a possible block if they believe it is needed.


A banned person may ask an administrator or chat mod to be unbanned if they believe the ban was not justified. You must state the name of the moderator who banned you and what exactly happened and it is best to provide proof (such as screen captures).

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