KItty Sitting is an episode that aired on TV January 15, 2007. In this episode, Manny is tasked with taking care of a kitten that does not have an owner.


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One day in the repair shop after the tools played a game of soccer, Kelly arrives to Manny's Repairshop with a small kitten. Kelly explains to Manny that she found the kitten at a local animal shelter and that it does not have an owner. The Tools all wanted to take care of the kitten, which Manny hasn't decided yet. Suddenly, Manny gets a call from Señor Sanchez about his broken doorbell, which needs to be fixed. After calling, Manny and the gang finds the kitten sleeping in the toolbox. They avoid waking her up, Manny and the tools decided to take the kitten with them along to do the repair, which Kelly agrees.

When Manny arrives and Señor Sanchez's house, Manny and tools found out that the doorbell is broken. After explaining the problem, Señor Sanchez and Julieta heard a meow, which Señor Sanchez thought his doorbell was making that sound, but he found out it was the kitten that made that sound. When Julieta asked what was her name, the tools told that the kitten doesn't have a name, which made Julieta name the kitten Patches, due to the fur being made up of different coloured patches. When Julieta left to go play minigolf, Señor Sanchez says that the house is very empty without her and he wanted some company, so Manny decided to let Señor Sanchez kittysit the kitten while he collected the equipment for the repair.

After collecting the items needed for the repair, Manny and Tools learnt that Patches and Señor Sanchez had developed and strong relationship, so the Tools decided to let Señor Sanchez keep the kitten.


  • This is Patches' debut episode.
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