Mr. Lopart

Leonard Francis Lopart






Candy Store owner

Languages Spoken:


Interests and Hobbies:

Making Candy, Inventing Things, Attempting To Fix Broken Things.

Family & Relatives:


No information


Tom Kenny

First Appearance

"Stretch's Cookies"

Mr. Lopart is one of the main characters who appears in Handy Manny. He is a citizen of Sheetrock Hills and he is the owner and manager of his own store, Mr. Lopart's Candy Store. His mom, Mrs. Lopart, and his nephews, Lyle and Leland Lopart, also live in Sheetrock Hills.

Appearances except

  1. Pilot
  2. Uncle Manny
  3. "The Manny with the Golden Bear" (Only Special Agent Oso )


Mr. Lopart is very creative and enjoys to come up with new ideas to promote his candy store. On the episode Little Lopart, Mr. Lopart's mother stated that when Mr. Lopart was young, Mr. Lopart had done many things, such as selling orange juice with his orange juice stand and clean up cat hair using a giant ball made of sticky tape. Mr. Lopart had tried to invent many things, with unexpected but successful results. Mr. Lopart's orange juice was not only for drinking but it was a good item for cleaning cars, and Mr. Lopart's Giant Sticky Ball was originally used for cleaning up cat hair, but instead, was used to find lost or missing items. Mr. Lopart tried many things until he found what he was good at, making candy. Mr. Lopart still likes to invent things to promote his candy store, however without much success.

Mr. Lopart can be stubborn when it comes to doing repairs. The repairs that Mr. Lopart had done for his own broken items and other people's items usually won't stay fixed for a very long time. When Manny offers his help to check or fix his items, Mr. Lopart insists that he doesn't need his help. When Manny leaves, Mr. Lopart's item would usually break apart, much to Mr. Lopart's frustration.


Mr. Lopart appears to have brown hair, which only at the back portion of his head is covered with hair, while only strands of hair is covering the top of his head. Mr. Lopart wears round-rimmed glasses to improve his eyesight. Mr. Lopart wears a purple and white striped collar shirt, while wearing a purple coat over it. Mr. Lopart wears light greyish-purple pants and he wears a pair of purple loafers.



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