Manny gets a call from Mayor Rosa about the elevator not working. Luckily Manny and the Tools got to City Hall on time! Manny went in the elevator to check but it was too late, the elevator closed. It kept Manny stuck in the lift and he is separated from the Tools. Manny tell them to calm down and work together, with their hopes up Felipe, Dusty, Turner, Stretch, Rusty, Squeeze and Pat all head over to Kelly's on their own to find the motor {SDG841} for the elevator and race back to City Hall and rescue Manny. When they got there Rusty told Manny that he and the others got the one Kelly have brought them but the elevator took him up, Paniced all of the tools rush to the stairs to find him but the elevator went down to the first floor. The tools all raced back down after it, The tools try again to free Manny and it worked!! Manny and the tools are reunited and work together on the elevator. Mayor Rosa thanks them and Manny told her that they all had their ups and downs.