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Hola Amigo. Hi my friends. Welcome to Handy Manny Wiki!

I'm Gman 581996 (you can call me Gman for short) and I am one of the admins of this wiki. As you may know that this wiki is created to talk about Disney's TV series, Handy Manny. There are pages created to talk about each characters, episodes, and merchandising about Handy Manny.

As an admin, my job in this wiki is to moderate this wiki so that this wiki is friendly and is safe for everyone to use it. Another job that I have as an admin is that I help people

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with any problems in this wiki, so if you have a problem in this wiki or if you feel there's something not right, message me or message one of the other admins for help

I'm currently reorganizing and updating this wiki so that this wiki will be easier for people to use. If you wish, a user to Wikia or not, you may help me in my project that I'm undertaking.

If you need help, contact me. I'll be here to provide help.


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Due to my busy study and school schedule, I only visit this wiki for short periods of time. But don't worry folks, I'll be back soon! :D


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