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Hello there! I'm Hilbert.Herringgull. I am the official head admin here, so if you need help just ask on my wall.
Or if I'm not available ask Grabbergirl or Gman581996.

"Suavis quidem salutatione plausuque et sibilabit ad vos de omnibus!"
— Hilbert

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The results are in from Locoyard, part of the UK Heritage Hub, in their quest to find the world's most famous steam locomotive...

The results are more than a little surprising...!

With an absolutely stunning 15% of the votes, "Simon A.C. Martin's W.P. Allen" has narrowly pipped a certain little blue tank engine into third place, behind Australia's no.3801 in second, and the UK's Flying Scotsman in first place.

It was an absolute honour for Simon to come third in the poll, and it is a testament to our fans around the world.

Thank you all so much for your support to Simon, particularly with the book nearly ready to hit the shelves at long last.

Thanks both to Locoyard and the UK Heritage Hub for setting up the poll, their coverage and their support.


Can you imagine the future iPhone 6 being sold without wifi capability? The next Samsung Galaxy phone sold without a touch screen? Can you imagine your new car coming without power steering and yet being sold at a price comparable to another manufacturers, which does have power steering?

In the real world of other consumer led markets, quality and value for money is key, along with desirability. Most brands are fully capable of hitting all of those targets and have done consistently for some years but have fallen down here for us.


My cousin used his account but now I am using both my accounts. Edward.Grace and this one. My cousin was blocked from the Thomas wiki and I got a second account to replace hi old one.

About Myself

A glorious greeting to everyone, I'm Edward.Grace one of the bureaucrats of the Jimmy the Jinty Wiki. i am also a fine ditor in the Thomas wikia. I live in the UK.

I'm 34 years old (23rd January 1979) and have watched Thomas since I was little. I cherished it then and I have respected it now. My favourite episodes from Jimmy the Jinty are John's Comeuppance, Jimmy and William, A Reverand and a Metrovick and Arthur's Tale . My other favourite TV shows include The Big Bang Theory, The Jetsons and Jeopardy!

I am a physicist PHD soon to be graduate student and I am very intelligent. If you had to ask which is my most favourite branch of science it would be Physics, The Laws of Motion and Space. I am aiming for maxima cum laude as I graduated summa cum laude from my bachelor degree & egregia cum laude in my masteral degree.

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